Enhance your coaching journey

Unlock the hidden potential of your brain and amplify your coaching journey with our innovative coaching cards.

Neuro Nudges are the key to unlocking deeper self-awareness and understanding the neuroscience that influences your life.

They're perfect for coaches, therapists, leaders, and anyone on the journey of self-improvement.

Discover fresh insights and transform your approach to personal growth.

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  • Coaching & Neuroscience

    Our 70 cards simplify brain science into practical coaching insights for everyday life, covering everything from self-awareness to motivation to building resilience.

    Neuro Nudges offers a rich, evidence-based online resource with a carefully curated library to deepen understanding of each neuro-topic.

    As a coaching tool, Neuro Nudges provide a pathway to profound personal and professional growth grounded in neuroscience.

  • Who they’re for

    Whether you’re a coach, therapist, teacher, psychologist, leader, manager or people/HR practitioner or an individual embarking on a personal growth journey, Neuro Nudges is your trusted companion for transformation. 

    Our versatile tool can be seamlessly integrated into your one-to-one coaching sessions, group workshops, team meetings, or your personal self-reflection routine.

  • How they work

    Each card in our seven-theme set—spanning self-awareness, motivation, goals, habits, emotions, relationships, and health—poses a coaching question and actionable 'nudge' on one side. 

    Turn it over, and you'll uncover the neuroscience that underpins each topic, revealing why each nudge works. 

    Understanding neuroscience arms you with the knowledge to make informed choices for lasting change. 

On this website, you'll discover up-to date resources meticulously curated to enhance your Neuro Nudges experience.

What our clients say

With nearly two decades on the front lines of leadership coaching,

I can confidently say that Neuro Nudges coaching cards are one of the best tools I've come across. The excellent Neuro Nudges team has developed an innovative set of cards grounded in neuroscience to guide insights into seven key categories. These cards provide a practical way to inspire, discover, and foster personal growth with clients. They're an invaluable asset in my coaching toolkit.

Dr. Mary E. Collins, CPsychol, EdD. MSc. BA. AC.
Chartered Psychologist & Professional Executive Coach

"This is a great tool, offering valuable insights and making information about the brain more accessible. They've helped me learn a lot about neuroscience, and it's been a win-win for my clients who appreciate these fresh ideas. I'm already seeing positive results with my clients as we explore the brain and behaviour, driving success and sustainable growth. 🌱🔍"

Monika Braber. Language Coach.  Netherlands